Ovqer vark unen

National Assembly employee Garik Ghazaryan wrote on his Facebook page: “About Short Loans. why do the authorities avoid talking about the banks or loans in general or combating their destructive mechanism?

Some see it as a populist and short-sighted move. Some will strongly oppose private-citizen relations and constantly refer to various laws. Some selfishly start talking about conscientiousness, so if you take, you should. Some have spit at all. And many are just cowards.

And I will say that the appetite of banks and credit organizations, the forgiveness of penalties, should be curbed, and that only the unreliable and the disgraceful, disproportionate, had a very minor positive effect, which is not a solution at all.

We should not allow ourselves to be given credit for everything, in many cases not taking risks at all, and then throwing citizens into court, calling them unaccountable … blah blah.

I’ve been screaming for years to cut those 100-200% loans from Armenia, set 5-7 years for unreliable loans, work out mechanisms to protect citizens, not make them more vulnerable (salary only non-cash, pensioner) custody, deprivation, etc., etc.).

Financial-Credit Organizations ‘Assets Have Increased 21 Times In 15 Years And Have Citizens’ Assets Increased …

The citizen of the Republic of Armenia is of the highest value and we must strive to improve the quality of his life day by day and increase his opportunity to live a prosperou

s life, not the other way around … “

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