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Mary Makaryan (born August 12, 1985) is an Armenian television presenter, journalist, and actress of “Hard Life” television series. Graduated from the vocal department of the Romanos Melikyan Music School. Worked at Paradise Studio [1]. He was the host of “

Aravot in Shant” TV program on Shant TV, and on “H2” TV Company he was the host of “Odyssey” TV. From 2011 to March 1, 2013, she played the role of Mary in “Difficult Living” on Armenia TV. She has starred in the TV series “Purchased Happiness” [2].

Actress Mary Makaryan, a US-based actress and hostess, has released her first photo shoot. His daughter was born on August 14 this year. The couple did not publish photos of the baby until she was 40 years old.

“Our baby in this photo shoot is ten days old, and the most cherished of my dreams is already a reality,” Mary wrote in the accompanying photos.

Recall, the actress’ baby turned 40 yesterday, on which occasion her parents took her to an Armenian church and received a blessing.

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