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I sound an alarm. we must stop this feast of demoralization;
It has long ceased to amaze me with human impudence and humility. I have known for a long time that it has no limits. But when I saw what curses and despicable comments they had on the 16-year-old girl who was killed, on the Facebook and instagram pages of the murdered girl, I realized that we were no longer on the brink of abyss, but a deep abyss of hatred and malice. :

These days, my good friends – Aravot daily’s editor Aram Abrahamyan, Narek and Sergey of ArmComedy, my friend Ruben Mkhitaryan from Gyumri, with whom we discuss the legal ways to avert hatred, this negative lava, are almost invariably every day. to the catastrophic problem.
My good friend Aram, by cursing people who are sick and missing on our pages we will not solve this problem. Believe us, we will definitely not solve it.

One of our best psychiatrists thinks that a significant part of society is simply ill and that the social media domain just makes the real number of people with mental disabilities very catastrophic.
We all talk, we wonder, we are terrified, but let’s admit that we really don’t do anything. We, the public opinion makers, and the legal leverage in our hands – the MPs, the journalists, the real people.

Every day, seeing a segment of the public being degraded, if its daily dose of malice, hatred, and negativity does not spill over on anyone, it does not make them feel satisfied, and we will not stop this disaster by just being surprised every day.

As a citizen, I sound the alarm and say that there are no unsolvable situations, just talking to people who understand what a devastating challenge this generation of public hatred really is for any country, to go through concrete suggestions and solutions.

With some of my intellectual friends we already have some ideas through legislative solutions and not only. We are ready to hear any ideas and adequate suggestions.
Let this spill of blasphemy on the slain girl become the last drop of patience for each of us.
Naira Zohrabyan

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